TEI Welcomes New Website and Community Manager

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0715_TEI_InstituteNews_Lorelei_BassiLorelei Bassi joined TEI in April as the website and community manager in the marketing and communications department. She handles all things Web- and social media-related, ensuring that TEI websites, social media channels, and the community platform TEIConnect are updated and accessible, while tracking usage and trends. Lorelei will also be involved in the strategic planning for the future of TEI’s online presence.

Prior to working for TEI, Lorelei spent a year writing several novellas, short stories, and the start of a screenplay. Previously she worked at the U.S. Department of State for nearly 10 years as the webmaster of its award-winning recruitment website. Lorelei has a degree in anthropology from the University of Chicago, and through her Web-development experience, she has seen firsthand the evolution of Internet technologies, communication, and networking. Lorelei looks forward to using her skills and experience to help the TEI community grow online.

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