TEI Holds First ‘Simulive’ Event

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This past August and September, TEI held its first simulive event, the 2022 Tax Technology Simulive Seminar. The in-person Tax Technology Seminar took place in May in San Francisco, and the simulive event enabled more TEI attendees to participate in the event virtually several months later.

The simulive format involved a replay of twelve recorded in-person sessions, with subject matter experts on hand during the simulive event to answer questions from the virtual audience through the live chat and Q&A, thus allowing the event to qualify as CPE. Simulive participants also received the opportunity to view the on-demand content for an additional eleven sessions.

Feedback for the simulive format was highly positive, and TEI looks forward to launching simulive versions of its Federal Tax Course – Level 1 and International Tax Course offerings in January as well as select portions of its 77th Annual Conference.

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