On BEPS, Other International Issues

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Deloitte released its 2019 BEPS and the Global Tax Reset Survey, which garnered responses from 405 people in 35 countries, most of whom carry the title of tax director or tax vice president for their organizations. Although some of the results were to be expected, such as that sixty-two percent of respondents are implementing changes as a result of U.S. tax reform, others are worth communicating. Findings from this survey reflect the current state of BEPS, reactions to recent changes, and the international tax dynamic in general in this digital age. Below are some of the standout results.

To view Deloitte’s full infographic that outlines the most pertinent results, visit www2.deloitte.com/content/dam/Deloitte/in/Documents/tax/in-tax-global-beps-survey-2019-infographic.pdf.

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