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In KPMG’s “2023 Chief Tax Officer Outlook” study, the firm examined current and future challenges and opportunities that tax functions face. Drawing on data from KPMG’s fall 2022 survey of 300 CTOs, one-on-one interviews with a handful of CTOs representing a broad set of businesses, and input from KPMG’s tax partners who advise CTOs, the report offers insight into controversy, talent, technology, corporate citizenship, geopolitical risks, and more. To summarize the overarching sentiment of the outlook for CTOs, as Greg Engel, vice chair, tax, at KPMG, states in the report’s foreword, “With rapid and unrelenting changes affecting tax departments, transformation is essential.”

Below are some of the report’s key findings. To dig deeper into these and other findings and the report’s methodology and scope, visit https://tax.kpmg.us/insights/chief-tax-officer-survey-2023.html.

Source: KPMG, “2023 Chief Tax Officer Outlook,” https://tax.kpmg.us/insights/chief-tax-officer-survey-2023.html.

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