Chicago Chapter
Holds Annual Meeting

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From left: Cathy Stevens, Judith Zelisko, and Bobby Stevens.

TEI’s Chicago Chapter held its annual meeting June 18 at the Dalcy Event Hall. The event began with opening remarks by outgoing chapter president Cathy Stevens on strong meeting attendance, high membership levels, and terrific sponsor support. Stevens then introduced Kathy Varga, the chapter’s incoming president.

After Varga addressed attendees with a few remarks, Stevens offered a much-deserved tribute to Judith Zelisko, who is retiring from Brunswick after a long, successful career. Zelisko was an integral part of TEI over the years, serving as both Chicago Chapter president and TEI international president. She has also been instrumental in advancing tax policy, one of many highlights being her testimony in 2014 before the House Ways and Means Committee on the R&D tax credit. Zelisko’s testimony helped make the credit permanent in December 2015, after thirty-four years of temporary status.

From left: Michael Leoni, Zelisko, Cathy Stevens, and John Mann.
From left: Nancy Chard, Cathy Stevens, Zelisko, Jen Ziobro, Irene Brajner, and Pat Marshall.

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