Chapter Leader

Daniel Smith
Silicon Valley Chapter

Where do you think the president of TEI’s Silicon Valley Chapter works? If you guessed Google, you’d be right—as long as you didn’t google it first. Daniel Smith, head of the Silicon Valley Chapter since July 2021, has successfully navigated pandemic concerns in the months since assuming the presidency of… Read more »


Lorry Limbourg
EMEA Chapter

Some TEI chapters cover relatively small geographical areas, but others, such as the EMEA Chapter, headed by Lorry Limbourg since July 2021, are vast—spread out over many countries large and small. Limbourg is also the indirect tax director, Europe, for Coca-Cola Services Brussels. Dealing with such a large chapter poses… Read more »


Chris Tressler
Detroit Chapter

This is the first in a series of profiles of TEI chapter leaders. Without vibrant chapters and dynamic chapter leaders, we would not be able to provide our members with as many rewarding opportunities and networking connections as they have come to expect from TEI for decades.  Chris Tressler is… Read more »