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KerryAnn Bolton Joins TEI Staff

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This past February, KerryAnn Bolton joined the TEI staff as digital programs and events manager for TEI. Bolton will manage and support the execution of the Institute’s virtual and hybrid education events at the chapter, regional, and Institute levels. She is also responsible for positioning TEI’s on-demand content for purchase by members… Read more »

Peter Waterstreet

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When Peter Waterstreet opted for an accelerated master of accountancy program, he made a critical decision: he chose the tax stem over the professional accounting and information systems stems. In making that choice, he was influenced by business law and introductory tax classes that were part of the undergraduate accounting… Read more »

The Rise of Remote Work

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According to Global Workplace Analytics, since 2009 the number of Americans who work from home has risen by 159 percent. In just the past five years, remote work has grown forty-four percent globally. Add to that the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, and it’s easy to posit that remote work… Read more »

Setting Goals

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It is truly an honor to serve the members of the Institute and now to be elected your 2021–2022 TEI international president. Being international president does not just get you an extra cookie during conference breaks (although that would be nice) but something much more important—a chance to interact with… Read more »

ESG Tax Transparency
You might want to check out BRT’s statement signed by 181 CEOs

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In years gone by, business looked primarily to increasing shareholder returns, paying less attention to how their business practices affected the environment and society. For many, the primary concern in supply chain design was cost, with little inquiry into how supply chain partners conducted business. But more and more, such…

Jump-Starting Tax Automation, With Practical Tips to Sustain Momentum
Tax needs automation now more than ever—and fast

Tax functions have pursued automation and efficiency for a long time. Enterprise financial and management reporting systems are not designed to produce tax outputs such as tax provisions, tax returns, and other key tax deliverables, but instead provide the source financial data required to prepare the tax calculations—and that is…

Planning for People Within Your Technology Road Map
What path are you taking?

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A road map lays out the path to get from where you are today to where you want to be in the future. In technology settings, the term is often used to conceptualize the work that needs to be completed for a technology solution to be ready for use. However,…

Emerging Leader: Jennifer Bowers

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When Jennifer Bowers was in eighth grade, her math teacher had students complete US tax returns for a variety of taxpayers using Forms 1040-EZ, 1040-A, and 1040. “The examples were simple,” she says, “but I remember thinking I could do that and determined I would need to become a CPA.… Read more »