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Forging Forward — But How Fast and in Which Direction?
Data rules the tax technology roost, elevating professionals who embrace its potential, but the “new normal” is not without its pitfalls

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In the world of real estate, it’s all about location, location, and location. In the tax world, it is becoming all about data, data, and data. And whatever facet of tax technology you’re talking about—whether it’s hardware, software, Big Data, the cloud, data storage, or cybersecurity—the data are the key drivers.…

Creative Approaches to Large-Case Tax Administration
IRS Budgetary Limitations Don’t Deter IRS from Precision, Speed, Transparency Goals

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Despite budgetary and resource constraints at the Internal Revenue Service, corporate boards, securities regulators, and even the IRS are pressing to see increased transparency, greater speed, and enhanced precision on the part of large business taxpayers, according to KPMG tax professionals Mike Dolan and Tom Greenaway. Dolan is national director…