State Tax Incentives Become Bargaining Chips in a Globally Mobile Economy

There once was a time when a business’ headquarters location was based on proximity to natural resources and transportation networks. If you owned a mill, you worked near a river. If you exported goods, you were near a port. While some of those geographical limitations still exist, most businesses operating… Read more »


An Opportunity at the Intersection of Transfer Pricing, Customs, and Indirect Tax

Within your global supply chain, transfer pricing, customs, and indirect tax are undeniably connected. Each step in the global supply chain is intertwined—from setting the transfer price and customs import valuation to goods receipt and invoicing. As a result, changes in one link affect the next, which illustrates the value… Read more »


Determining Taxability in the Ever-Evolving World of e-Commerce

In a world of rapidly evolving technology, e-commerce transactions have become the norm. While the term e-commerce initially referred to Internet-based sales of physical items, recent years have given rise to a new breed of purely electronic transactions including cloud computing, digital downloads, streaming entertainment, and information services, which have further… Read more »